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Because starting just a few weeks ago, Indiegogo introduced a new equity crowdfunding service, becoming the largest crowdfunding platform to enter the equity space. As Slava describes it, way back in 2006, this was actually the original idea for the company: So we had this very naive concept which is, if YouTube, which was very new at the time and wasn’t owned by Google yet, is doing this democratization of content thing, it’s quite interesting, anybody can put up any content. pagePeople can watch it if they want. And eBay was already quite established as democratizing this auction concept. Why is it that access to capital is all about the gatekeeper, knowing the right investment banker, knowing the right VC, knowing the right loan person, knowing the right person at the grant institutions? The Indiegogo founders (L to R): Danae Ringelmann, Co-Founder and Chief Development Officer, Eric Schell Co-Founder and CTO, Slava Rubin Co-Founder and Chief Business Officer. Photo courtesy of Indiegogo. In short: Why not just maybe use that ultimate democratization tool, which is the internet, to create a marketplace? He and his cofounders quickly ran into the Securities Act of 1933, and realized that this wasnt allowed. So they found another path forward, and kicked off the crowdfunding industry (Kickstarter, in case you were wondering, launched in April 2009). Now, however, the rules have changed. Absolutely anyone can invest (up to a certain amount)and Indiegogo is finally doing what Slava and his cofounders envisioned a decade ago. I had a fascinating conversation with Slava about equity crowdfunding, how Indiegogo is implementing it, and where he thinks companies will meet with the greatest successes using it.

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While migrations present challenges in several areas, employee transition has been a key stumbling point. Despite a robust training ecosystem, employee onboarding to Microsoft Office 365 has not always resulted in a smooth transition. Individual users have also struggled at times to quickly adopt the online platform. Now, both enterprises and personal users have a solution that helps them learn Office 365 apps inside the user environment. And they can see the solution for themselves by attending a detailed, online public presentation of the VisualSP Training for Office 365 to be held on January 24, 2017. Many reports indicate that much of what we learn in a classroom is lost within hours after we leave the training room. And studies have shown that the average attention span has diminished by over 50 percent since 1998. VisualSP Chief Revenue Officer Mark McDermott explained the need to host a public event to introduce the revolutionary product. Company leadership acknowledged that a release like this a product that has never been seen before was well-suited for a virtual presentation. People will be curious, theyll have questions.

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