Insights On Simple Selection Interview Strategies

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selection interview

I take full responsibility on what happened that night. It’s never OK to hit a woman — never. I will preach that to anybody. It’s never OK, and hopefully people around the world can learn from my mistake and I’m willing to teach.” Stoops, who saw the surveillance video with Boren and Castiglione shortly after the incident, has been criticized for allowing Mixon to rejoin the team after the suspension. Mixon, who said he still is receiving counseling and that he performed 100 hours of community service, said he “didn’t want to wait so long” to publicly apologize but that he was advised by lawyers “to keep my mouth closed” in the 2? years since the incident. “I definitely wish it would have came out sooner for the best of everybody,” Mixon said. “I can’t do nothing but thank Coach Stoops for the second chance he gave me. Can’t do nothing but thank President Boren and my teammates for sticking by me.” Three days after incident, Mixon told police, in a videotaped interview obtained by The Oklahoman earlier this week, that he heard a racial slur from Molitor’s male friend but not from Molitor.

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