A Further Analysis Of Establishing Central Issues For Selection Interview

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selection interview

Why do we know so little today is the question we should be asking, said retired Army Gen. Peter Chiarelli, the chief executive of One Mind, an independent nonprofit dedicated to brain injury and illness. interview skills for students with disabilitiesWeve been fighting this war (in Afghanistan and Iraq) for 15 years, and we had similar problems coming out of Vietnam and World War II. We dont even know how many (veterans) have PTSD. Part of the problem, Chiarelli noted Tuesday, is that mental health specialists dont have a good definition of the disorder. People look at this as a diagnosable disease, like cancer, he said. We can biologically diagnose a tumor. But we cant see anything with PTSD. And while doctors and researchers arent too far away from developing good, biologically based diagnostics, Chiarelli thinks they are still way behind the understanding and treatment of traumatic brain injury. When you start venturing into the brain, he said, its like going back into what we knew about the heart in the 1930s, when treatment for a heart attack was three weeks of bed rest. Anyone who believes that those suffering from PTSD are somehow weaker-minded are simply misunderstanding how the brain can be affected by emotional trauma, Chiarelli said. The same point was made by Vice President Joe Biden Tuesday morning in an interview with CNN, when he chastised Trump for his ignorance and for not grasping what it means to have PTSD. Look at what these kids are going through, Biden said.

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selection interview

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