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Rafferty has further proposed that new legislation to better regulate animal operations and punish animal abuse. Opioid epidemic Shapiro and Rafferty also both highlighted the opioid epidemic sweeping the nation and Pennsylvania alike as something with which the next attorney general must contend. I was at an event in Cumberland County where they were emptying the expired medicine drop boxes, said Shapiro. They filled the entire truck and fully 20 percent of the meds there were opioids. Rafferty has proposed a heroin strike force coordinating the efforts of district attorneys and state and local intelligence units so that local forces go after the street-level dealers and we will go after the mid-level and high-level dealers. He will also push for maximum jail time, but recognizes the necessity of involving the medical community and courts as well. I would like to use an approach similar to the one Judge Seamus McCaffery used with veterans courts, getting nonviolent offenders transferred to a treatment facility, said Rafferty. And we need to educate pharmacies and doctors to stop open-ended prescriptions. Both Shapiro and Rafferty have highlighted the need to curb doctor-shopping, by which an addict gets an opioid prescription from one doctor, and then goes to another a short time later to obtain another. Shapiro said a statewide doctor database would help, as well as providing the opioid-blocking drug, naloxone, to all first responders to help prevent overdoses. He too supports diverting nonviolent drug offenders into treatment and not into the criminal justice system. He cites Montgomery Countys drug courts as a successful model that could be put into place around the state.

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guidance for medical interview

So, understandably, youd like to do everything you possibly can to avoid being just like him. Typically, thats pretty simple. But then those circumstances arise that make things just a little bit trickier. Perhaps your boss keeps referencing a wrong statistic during a team meeting. Or maybe one of your coworkers is misunderstanding a guideline for a project shes working on. You dont want to interrupt, cut that person off, and seem like a condescending know-it-all . But is that worse than letting someone move forward with incorrect information? Knowing when to voice a correction and when to keep your lips zipped can be a challenge. So, in those moments when youre deciding between the two, consider these four questions. They should help you choose your best course of actionand help you avoid coming off like “that guy.” 1.

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