Topics To Consider With Wise Strategies Of National Health Service

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If you’ve been invited in for a flight attendant job interview, here are some things that you should know.

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“Mental health awareness is especially important for veterans because we are not used to asking for help, which can cause an increase in family issues, violence, substance abuse, homelessness, and suicide,” said Rebecca Benton, a U.S. Navy wounded warrior from Orlando, Florida, who recently attended a four-day mental health rahabilitative workshop in Long Creek, South Carolina. Continue Reading Wounded Warriors talk about their personal experience at a recent WWP mental health workshop. This week, across the nation, injured warriors will be working with WWP to share their stories with America through the WWP News Room and respective local media outlets. Many of these experiences are being shared with the public for the first time in an effort to form a united battle cry that informs veterans dealing with invisible wounds of war about available programs and services the same that have worked for those telling the stories personally. “Seeking treatment is not as easy as it may seem,” said Ryan Kules, WWP combat stress recovery director. “Many suffer in silence with mental health conditions, but by increasing both the awareness of the stigmas associated with these injuries and the reach of our mental health services, warriors will see firsthand that invisible injuries are not a life sentence, and they can be managed.” WWP created its Combat Stress Recovery Program (CSRP) to address the growing mental health needs of warriors who return from war with invisible wounds. Through the generous support of donors, CSRP offers veterans a range of specialized programs and services each tailored to the veteran’s specific needs all free of charge. and its supporters believe warriors already paid their dues on the battlefield, so warriors don’t pay for any service they receive. WWP plans to continue to bolster its mental health focus in the next fiscal year, innovating its current programs and services based on direct feedback from the wounded warriors they serve.

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