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A multiracial melee of dozens of people begins attacking two individuals, eventually taking them to the ground. The assailants circle the two, punching, kicking, taking turns beating the men. One man removes his belt and begins whipping one of the men on the ground. One man escapes briefly, only to be chased down and dropped again, this time in the parking lot. Less than a minute long, the video ends focused on a motionless, beaten body. Recently posted to YouTube and Facebook, the video has since been deleted. Sioux Falls police are aware of the video but couldn’t do anything because no victims have come forward to press charges. It’s a stark reminder we are not immune from the heightened tensions felt across the nation maybe less concerning than some of the large-scale violence seen elsewhere, but only by degrees. And in a week where reports were released detailing spikes in burglaries, robberies and felony drug cases, it’s a time to call for calm and civility in our city. Minnehaha County Sheriff Mike Milstead said recently that he has “never been more concerned about the safety of my deputies and police and state troopers than I am today.” informative postJarring words from an experienced and respected leader of our community.

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On the other hand,Jason Bournes overarching narrative is solid enough to serve the films purposes, even if it does coverwell-trod territory for the franchise. Moreover, Rouse and Greengrass incorporate an intriguing plot thread that involvesfictional social media corporate mogul Aaron Kalloors ( Nightcrawler and The Night Of s Riz Ahmed) dealings with the CIA, adding a layer ofpolitical timelinessthat the film would havelacked otherwise. Indeed, at timesJason Bourne almost plays out like an original politicalthriller in the vein of Damon and Greengrass 2010 filmGreen Zone (here, examining issues ofgovernment surveillance, invasion of privacy and life in the post-Snowden world) that was re-purposed as a Bourne movie. Unfortunately, because of that,the Kalloor plot-line and Jason Bournes story in the filmfeel somewhat disconnected, save for the scenes where they (literally) collide with one another. Article Continues Below Supergirl Season 2: Chris Woods Character In Kryptonian Pod Watch More Matt Damon in Jason Bourne Greengrass, Rouse, and Greengrasslongtime cinematographer Barry Ackroyd bring the proceedings in Jason Bourne to life using theveritevisual style (read: raw handheld camerawork and frequent cutting/editing) that they are now best known for. Althoughthis shaky cam approach will simply never be foreveryone (no matter how well its carried out), Greengrass and his collaborators have mastered those techniques at this stage, as Jason Bourne further illustrates with impressive set pieces and action sequences (taking place in scenic locations likeGreece and Las Vegas) that are easily the Bourne franchises most intricate and complex in design to date. Still, while the set pieces and close-quarter fights in Jason Bourne are certainly thebiggest (and/or most vicious) of the series, theyre not necessarily also better than similar sequences/spectacle in priorBourne films and feel comparatively hollow. Matt Damon is the sturdy anchor that keepsJason Bourne on course, even though the characters arc in the film simply isnt as compelling here as those in the first threeBourne movies. Damon embodies the idea of Jason Bourne having been hardened and left worse for wear after years of living off the grid; not only inphysicality and appearance, but also emotional performance. Bournes nota man of many words and thats for the better, as Damon is best at communicating Bournes post-traumatic stress and intelligence throughfacial expressions and mannerisms, not scripted dialogue.

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The.ore.etails, names, and specifics, the better. Post jobs on Indeed to accept applications from any mobile device. Anyone who has your account information can use it. pop over to this siteRevise your resume . Make sure any promises — including refund promises — are in writing. Although there are many payment options it is typical staffing receive a salary or hourly rate with bonuses for performance. Schedule A.   Recruiter login Grow your business in Missouri with a small business loan .